Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why the apple app store is a revolution

Steve Jobs stated at D8 that the app store is a revolution. I thought he was overselling it, but app store is a revolution because people install apps without the fear of it screwing up their phone. It's rare I download an application to my pc and run it. For fear of crashing the computer, corrupting the computer, compromising personal information, pop ups, degraded performance, being in a botnet, viruses, etc. Those fears are mitigated in the apps store. Here are the reasons:

1 The app store is the first time a large, reputable company vouched for the integrity of hundreds of thousands of applications.

2 When you close an app, it is cut off. The lack of multi-tasking (and now true multi-tasking) ensures rogue apps don't waste your cpu cycles.

3 Apps can't access or compromise the data in other apps. Users can't even mess up the files since there is no system file browser.

4 You can easily delete applications. The uninstall process is handled by the operating system. You don't have to worry about the app not uninstalling properly.

5 The login/purchase process only involves entering a password. This reduces the overhead of entering all your payment information to buy an application.